As of July 2020, I am kindly requesting that all payments are to be made via my card machine whenever possible.

First appointments have since been split due to reducing the time with patients following Covid-19 recommendations. The medical history consultation now takes place over Zoom and the treatment follows at different time. Please note that treatment times may vary.

An adult must be present with individuals under 16 years old.

*please bring valid NUS card or equivalent.

AppointmentsLength of treatmentCost
Adult 1st appointment up to 1 hour 45min£60.00
Adult 2nd appointment onwardsup to 1 hour£45.00
13-18 yrs 1st appointmentup to 1 hour 30min£45.00
13-18 yrs 2nd appointment onwardsup to 45 min£35.00
Full time student 1st appointment*up to 1 hour 30min£45.00
Full time student 2nd appointment onwardsup to 45 min£35.00